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Author Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Smith’s motto is: “Life is short. Play hard.” She has flown and jumped out of an airplane (not on the same flight, of course), learned martial arts (Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do, and Shuaijiao), played violin in an orchestra, performed on stage as an actress and dancer, competed in ballroom dance competitions, served in the military, and traveled the world. Now she captures those experiences in her writing. She's a member of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers and is excited to present her first novel “The Berlin Affair” a romantic thriller set in Germany.

A native of Southern California, Stephanie has worked as a technical trainer, systems and test engineer, and Intelligence Hardware Engineer in the Army while serving at Field Station Berlin. After finishing her master’s and doctorate degrees, she worked as a psychotherapist for several years in Manassas, Virginia, and then returned to her original profession as an independent computer consultant.

When she’s not writing, she enjoys gardening, reading, ballroom and belly dancing, and although she loves to travel, her favorite place in the world is with her husband, Rick, on their five-acre spread in Larkspur, Colorado. 

Author Amy Lynn

Alaska born Amy Lynn grew up the middle child in a military family.  As a “military brat” she experienced a life of changes and travel: from Alaska to Florida to Germany (twice), North Carolina, and a few more temporary homes in between. Two weeks after her high school graduation, she settled in Denver, Colorado.

Amy is married with three children, 4 grandchildren, 3 Chihuahua’s and one cat named Busy.  An artist and a writer, Amy won several awards for her pictures, paintings, and sculptures.  She also won 2nd Place in Colorado’s Heart of the Rockies Contest for her debut book, “Keeper of the Stars.”

When not working her full time job, Amy enjoys reading, drawing, writing romantic fiction and poetry, wood carving, and shooting her compound bow.  

Author George Naas

George S. Naas is a long-time Colorado resident who firmly believes that this book, God's Assassin, is the result of supernatural inspiration. He owns Golden Printing Company and writes in a variety of genres. He’s an ancient history buff, a military strategist, and a romantic at heart. When he’s not writing or working, he enjoys bowling and cross-fit. He lives in Lakewood with his wife Dana.

Author Ricardo Mejias

Ricardo Mejías discovered his love for prose in his senior year of high school while taking a creative writing course. He majored in Creative Writing at SUNY New Paltz with a double minor in philosophy. Wanting to learn more about the publishing industry, he pursued an editorial career and worked at Disney Hyperion as an Assistant Editor for five years. During his time there, he personally edited several middle grade novels and successfully helped pitch an idea for publication. Currently residing in New York with his fiancée, he’s now looking to explore new careers as well develop his writing and poetry crafts. 

Author Tom Bont

Tom Bont is the author of Howlers: Lupus Rex and Transplanted Yankee: Lest All My Balderdash Be Forgotten, as well as scores of short stories, essays, and articles in various magazines and other online portals. Tom is a United States Navy veteran, has a degree in computer science from Louisiana Tech University, and lives in north Texas with his family. Even after 26 years of marriage, he still spends as many hours as he can on the dance floor with his wife. You can catch him at www.TomBont.com, on Twitter @TomBont, or the DFW Writers’ Workshop.

Author Soliel De Bella

Soliel De Bella is a student of the Universe and enjoys Astrology in her spare time. Being a Scorpio, sexuality is a big part of her internal make-up, as well as anything considered taboo.  She loves to entertain her creative side by writing Erotica and indulging in all aspects of sexual desire and fulfillment. Soliel invites you into her carnal world where you’ll strip off the masks you wear in society to fully expose yourself to the sensuality burning inside your soul.

Originally from the rugged “Big Sky Country” of Montana, Soliel now resides in Chicago with her family.

Author Ashley Adams


Ashley Adams once worked for a finance company in the tallest office building in Denver and often found herself daydreaming about skinny-dipping in mountain hot springs with a cowboy or two.  She finally chucked her career of worrying about returns on investment and operating incomes to begin writing stories about strong women who stretch the boundaries for ‘good girls.’ She believes there are many women like her who want to read about other women’s fantasies that might come true.  Some of her stories have happy-ever-after endings with Mr. Right, but some are romps with new friends (plural intended) and Mr. Right-Now. She lives in a ski town in Colorado where she has ample inspiration from bad boy ski bums and lean, hard cowboys.

Author Theda Hudson

Theda Hudson's deliciously wicked short fiction has appeared in Best Lesbian Erotica 2011 and 2015, Best Lesbian Romance 2011 and 2012, Best Women's Erotica 2007, Sex in San Francisco, Pirate Booty, and Best S/M III.  Her novels include Dyke Valiant, an erotic lesbian urban paranormal, and The Pearl Witch and Lord of the Broken Tower, both hetero erotic science fiction. She lives in Colorado with four rescued cats, 1000 books, and an understanding partner.  She likes to use her writing to share things women don’t usually get to talk about.

Author Brian Smith

As a kid, Brian Smith foolishly believed he was going to play professional baseball. Luckily, in high school, he discovered just how much talent he didn’t have and switched to writing. He worked as a sports reporter for several newspapers across Oregon during the mid-2000s. His short stories have appeared in literary journals nationwide, and his previous project, Committed – A Matt Makaio Mystery, is available on Amazon. Slump Buster is his first publication in the erotic romance genre. Now he works as a local government pawn to help pay the bills and afford his serious golf addiction. He lives in Portland with his wife, two young sons, and their dog, Lucy.

Author T. A. Malone

T. A. Malone kept a journal while attending Saul High School in Philadelphia, and he took several writing courses at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. He then used his writing skills to develop his professional career in Texas as a corporate manager/trainer and teacher. A good friend once told him to start writing, but he didn’t heed her sage advice. However, when he tore his left quadriceps muscle, forcing him to stay at home, he decided to write his first novel.

A proud husband and father of two, Malone hopes to leave an indelible mark on the world of erotic fiction.  

Author Patrick Khayler

Patrick Khayler is the pen name for a closet erotic romance writer who burst onto the publishing stage in 2016. He writes with passion in every word, thus immersing readers in characters they understand and relate to, people they may already be like or may want to become. Within the pages of his stories, readers are transported to a world of fantasy and fulfillment, a time they don’t want to end and a place they never want to leave. He understands that human dreams and desires dictate how far his characters want to go, how close to the edge they dare risk, and the consequences of going over the brink.

Patrick lives in Texas with his wife of many years and two sons. When he’s not writing, he enjoys travel, scuba diving, and the outdoors.