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Amore Moon Romance

Amore Moon Erotic Romance

Patrick Khayler




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By Patrick Khayler

Samantha is every man's dream, a gorgeous woman willing to do anything and everything for the man she loves. So why is she always left brokenhearted and alone? When her latest relationship fails, she’s determined to change her attitude toward men. Her goal is to take control of her love life, make men bend to her will, and gain the respect she deserves. However, she has no idea how to accomplish this miracle. Her search for dominance takes her to a sex club where she meets a beautiful woman who offers to teach her control and submission. Her final test will be to make the most gorgeous man she's ever seen submit to her every kinky whim and lustful desire without question, but there's one small problem. The man she must control is a disrespectful, self-centered, narcissistic bastard who treats women like dirt.

Not Appropriate for Minors


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