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Amore Moon Romance

Amore Moon Erotic Romance

Ian McKinley

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83,700 words

paperback - 408 pages

By Brian Smith

Combat engineer Dr. Bruce Roberts is tasked with collecting special microbes for a formula that can reverse the effects of aging and extend human life. These extremophiles thrive in blistering temperatures and high radioactivity. The best candidate for such a place is the nuclear waste storage caverns below Japan’s crippled Fukushima power plant, one of the most hazardous environments on earth. Normally he’d never accept such a dangerous assignment, but his team is comprised of three contrasting women: a fiery turncoat mercenary, a buxom professor and Nobel-laureate, and a leggy blonde scientist, an endearing combination he’s compelled to protect. Opposing them is a powerful network of corporations and governments who would kill to steal the formula. As the team travels from Glasgow to Japan, attacks become more savage, forging strong emotional and sexual relationships between the team members. With the enemy at every turn, life and death is on the line for those seeking a technological Holy Grail that could further damage an already overpopulated world.


Extremophile (ik strēm ō fīl), n. 1. a microbe or ‘bug’ that thrives under extreme conditions of temperature and radiation. 2. a pharmaceutically enhanced martial arts master. 3. any one of a number of blonde, brunette, or redhead nymphomaniacs.

Not Appropriate for Minors

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