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Soliel De Bella

Entity Mine
Entity's Rival


The Seduction of Lexie Dane

Claiming Holly

Fire X Ice

Short Story

12,600 words


By Soliel De Bella

Fresh out of college, fiercely independent Alexis Jordan purchases an old house in Vermont, the last apron string now cut from her supportive parents. However, the excitement of her new life has conjured up the nightmarish fear of losing control of her newfound freedom to a dominant man. He first appears in a dream then in her imagination, she believes, but heís actually an entity lurking in her new bedroom. His presence isnít haunting, itís wanting, and his sexual appetite eventually consumes her day and night. Now a sex slave to his every whim, she risks everything she holds dear to be with him: her friends, her parents, her house...and in the end, even her life.

Not Appropriate for Minors

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