The Guitar Player, T. A. Malone, Amore Moon, short story, erotic romance

Amore Moon Romance

Amore Moon Erotic Romance


T. A. Malone

The Vacationing Wife



Short Story

7,600 words

by T. A. Malone

Ella, struggling to regain her sense of self after a painful divorce, is not in love with the new man in her life. Oh, hes a hunk, all right, and a sweet talker, charming when it suits him, but hes also conceited, demanding, and worse, hes married. Ella must bring herself to kick him to the curb and deny her wounded libido his carnal pleasures. Shes trapped in the dilemma of being the other woman until a handsome guitar player moves in next door. His strumming stirs deep emotions and visions of men who truly tend to her every need. Immersed in this mysterious and sensual journey, she allows her fantasies to shape her reality.

Not Appropriate for Minors

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